January 9, 2014-Project Update

Soccer City Fans

Soccer City Fans

So, on Monday the official project launch for Imbiza went up on the CHI Initiative blog (check it out here).  Things are proceeding really nicely right now.  I’ve gotten some really interesting materials to add to the collection (thanks to Chris Bolsmann, David Patrick Lane, and others).  I’m about to send out calls for more submissions through H-Net and some other scholarly networks, so hopefully that produces some good content as well.

Now comes the hard part–well, hard PARTS to be more accurate.  Basically, the next round of work can be broken down into three main chunks.

  1. Collect more data.  As I gather sources, I am inputting them into KORA, the digital repository tool developed by MATRIX.
  2. Organize said data in compelling, sensible ways (this will mostly take the form of thematic essay that will guide users’ experience on the site, while they will still be able to browse the sources however they see fit.)
  3. Code the user interface.  This, undoubtedly, will be the most difficult component of the project.  While KORA is extremely powerful and is proving to be very useful in compiling my growing pile of sources, building a site that will work with KORA is going to be difficult (I’ve known this since the beginning).  I’m planning to begin this part of the project in early March so that I have two solid months before the official project launch in May.  More on this later.

Back to work!  As always, any suggestions, submissions, comments are very much welcome and appreciated!

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